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Technal FY65 Parallel opening Window

Innovative High Performance Window
The innovative, universal 65 System is renowned for high performance, technical advancements and cutting-edge design features which add value to any project.

Our parallel opening windows are a refreshing option for architects and specifiers looking to create impact and maximise performance.
Opening along all four sides, our parallel window offers the best possible ventilation, with increased performance almost double that of a traditional casement window.
We fabricate a parallel window which fully utilises its vent design; fresh air is drawn in at the bottom and stale air is expelled at the top. This air flow promotes good circulation, maximising both high and low ventilation zones while keeping draughts to a minimum.
Our parallel opening windows are regularly installed in offices and colleges where CO2 levels need to be kept low. Easy, efficient operation of the window to place it in the open position ensures everyone can operate whilst offering maximum security.

Our aluminium casement window uses a deep 65mm profile to allow architects and contractors the benefit of a large choice of construction options in design. This combined with high specification and ease of install makes the 65 range the true commercial window.

Key Information

• High thermal performance
• 65mm profile allows large sizes up to 2.5m by 1.4m
• The subtle sightlines also reduce the visible aluminium in the finished window
• Large range of hardware including robust window handles are available in a wide colour choice

Technical Information

– Up to 130kg in weight
– Glass infill from 24mm – 42mm on openings and up to 52mm on fixed frames
– Open in, 1 and 2 leaf, bottom-hung and tilt-turn available
– Water tightness up to 600 Pa
– Air permeability up to 600 Pa
– Wind Resistance up to 1200 Pa

Why choose us?

All of our products are manufactured by us, and offer the same great benefits…

Weather Resistance

All of our systems are tested to guarantee the very best performance in water tightness, air permeability and wind loads, achieving the maximum result in each category.

Thermal Performance

Energy efficiency is a vital element in building design, with demands made by both the architect and end-user – to reduce environmental impact and heating costs. Our systems are designed with high levels of insulation, creating comfortable homes right across the world.

Acoustic Insulation

Outstanding acoustic performance ensures that the home remains a private, intimate space free of external noise pollution.

Modern Aesthetics

A Plus Aluminium manufactures bespoke window, door and façade systems tailored to each individual project. The designs balance aesthetics with functionality and technical requirements.

Unlimited Colour Range

To add colour to the interior and exterior of the building, the aluminium frame can be powder coated or anodised on both sides, with a dual-colour option. For powder coating, choose from any RAL colour with metallic, textured and wood finishes also available.

Long-Lasting Performance

Aluminium is one the most durable and sustainable materials available. It has the strength and resistance to last a lifetime.

Sustainable Spirit

We are committed to minimising waste and the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing processes, through the use of sustainable raw materials and products, and the limitless recyclability of aluminium.

Our continued commitment to innovation allows us to offer high value-added products that maximise energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic performance and weather resistance.