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The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Find out how energy efficient windows and doors can benefit contractors and property developers, resulting in happier clients and lower energy bills.

Are you and your customers in the know about all the benefits of energy efficient windows and doors? With the potential to reduce energy bills and offer extra warmth and comfort in the home, find out why choosing energy efficient options will result in better client satisfaction, as well as more sustainable buildings that are cheaper to run.

Reduce your carbon footprint for eco-friendly builds

Eco-friendly practices make a lot of sense in the building trade and the property sector. With clients increasingly opting for environmentally aware contractors with green credentials, choosing energy efficient windows and doors is one easy step you can take to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and improve your reputation as a responsible and sustainable contractor or developer.

Making small changes to the products you use can make a big difference to your carbon footprint. By switching to the highest rated energy efficient windows and doors, you could reduce CO2 emissions in a single home by a tonne or more*, over the course of a year. As a contractor working on multiple projects every year, the positive environmental impact of opting for energy efficient glazing and doors throughout every build will be considerable.

Passing on the benefits to homeowners

Homeowners stand to benefit hugely from the installation of energy efficient windows and doors. The most obvious, and welcome, benefit for most householders will be a noticeable reduction in energy bills. Savings on heating bills could add up to as much as a £110 per year for a detached home, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Using energy efficient options to reduce draughts from windows and doors will also result in a more comfortable home which keeps the heat in and the chill firmly outside. As well as warmth, energy efficient windows and doors also offer the advantage of reducing external noise, which can be an especially welcome improvement in blocks or flats or on busy roads.

Energy efficient windows

Draughty, single-glazed windows, or indeed early double glazed windows, are a major cause of heat loss in any building. So it’s good to know that all of the windows supplied by A Plus Windows have Building Regulation complaint options for both low U Values or Window Energy Ratings (WER) of A+, A, B and C – the top scoring options for energy efficiency. Made from the highest quality aluminium, our window frames combined with either double or triple glazed panes provide warmth and comfort for any building.

Energy efficient doors

Our Aluminium doors score highly for energy efficiency, that’s true even of conservatory and sliding doors – in fact our 98mm Crown Aluminium Sliding Patio Door was the first in the UK to be awarded an ‘A’ standard Door Energy Rating!

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* Source: Glass and Glazing Federation

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