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9 Tips for Making your House Brighter

Does your house feel dark and dingy? Maximise the natural light available in your home and create a bright, airy interior with these simple tips to make your house brighter.

1. Rethink your colour scheme

Colour can have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your home. If your interior is currently decorated in darker shades, you’ll be amazed at the difference a simple paint job could achieve. Make your home feel bright and spacious by repainting in white or a similar light hue. Don’t forget floors and furniture, which can also make a big difference to the overall ambience of the room; consider painting wooden floors or adding a light-coloured rug to lighten things up. Go for matte paint over gloss, as it reflects the light more evenly.

2. Move things around

Take a look around: is your furniture obstructing windows or other light sources? If so, it could be time for a change. Aim for an uninterrupted flow of light; if you have room dividers, consider removing them or opening them up to let the light fall all the way through the room. Keep curtains light, both in colour and material, or remove them altogether.

3. Reflect the light

Use strategically positioned mirrors to increase the amount of light available in the room. Done well, this can double the amount of light and lift the atmosphere in your home. Metallic objects can also help to reflect light, so consider incorporating metallic furniture and accessories to add some shine.

4. Add extra lighting

Could your problems be solved by introducing extra lights? There are all sorts of options to consider, from daylight bulbs for a natural look, to additional wall lights or table lamps.

5. Trim back trees

Don’t forget what’s outside your windows. Overgrown trees and bushes can have a significant effect on the amount of light that enters your home, so trim them back or consider removing them altogether (planning permission may be required).

6. Go open plan

Removing internal walls can open up the structure of your home, for a lighter, brighter space. You’ll benefit from natural light coming from both the front and the back of your property.

7. Have a spring clean

This may be an obvious one, but dirty windows can make your home a dull and dingy place. Make sure they’re cleaned regularly, inside and out. Decluttering can also lighten things up immeasurably; introduce streamlined storage solutions that don’t overcrowd your rooms, and consider removing dark-coloured paintings from your walls (why not replace them with mirrors?)

8. Introduce extra sources of natural light

Replacing your front door and internal doors with glazed alternatives can help to maximise the natural light coming into your home and allow it to travel uninterrupted throughout the building. For external doors, consider obscure glass to protect your privacy.

If there’s a dark hallway or stairwell in your property, could it be improved with the installation of a skylight or roof light? Replacing a flat roof with roof lights and roof lanterns is a fantastic way to lift the mood inside your home, flooding it with mood-enhancing light.

9. Introduce new and larger glazed areas

If you are thinking of re-modelling your property, look at installing modern large panel sliding doors which maximise the glazed area and light flow. These are available in many colours, configurations and budget levels.

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