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Our Top Tips for Window Maintenance

Your windows and doors are worth taking care of. Follow these maintenance tips for attractive and functional windows that stay clean and free of damage.

Our Top Tips for Window Maintenance

Your windows are worth taking care of. They’re important for so many reasons: operation, security, insulation and appearances. Basic window maintenance is very simple, and by attending to your windows regularly, you’ll keep them in great condition for longer. Follow these tips to maintain attractive and functional windows that stay clean and free of damage.

1. Make regular inspections
When it comes to window and door maintenance, it pays to be proactive. By checking your windows regularly (at least once every 3 months), you’ll be able to spot any problems and nip them in the bud as soon as they arise.

Here are some key things to look out for when inspecting your windows.

• Peeling paint on old timber windows
• Moisture trapped between the panes in double or triple glazed windows
• Gaps and draughts: the area between the window casing and the wall should be airtight.
• Any signs of damage
• Check hardware screws are tight and not loosened
• If you detect any signs of disrepair, contact a reputable company to carry out a repair sooner rather than later.

2. Keep them clean
Clean your windows regularly to keep your property looking good. Make sure you use the right cleaning products for your window frames:

Wooden frames require nothing more than frequent wiping with a damp cloth. Don’t get them too wet, as too much moisture can rot the frames.
Aluminium windows should be cleaned with water and a non-alkaline detergent.
uPVC windows can also be washed with a mild detergent solution.

3. Maintain the moving parts
Like the moving parts in any type of machinery, the hinges of your windows will benefit from regular lubrication. Don’t let your windows become stiff: by oiling the hinges and lubricating the lock mechanism once a year, they’ll remain smooth and easy to operate.

4. Repaint wooden frames
Give your windows some tender loving care. For wood frames, regular painting or staining is an essential part of window maintenance that will help keep them weatherproof and protect them from rot.

5. Replace damaged parts
It’s essential that any signs of damage are attended to as soon as possible.

Draughts and condensation between the panes are often caused by failed window or unit seals.
Aluminium windows are not as susceptible to damage as wood, but eventually moving parts may fail. These can usually be replaced easily.
Broken glass needs to be replaced immediately; a glazier can remove the damaged pane and install a new one in its place.

6. Consider new windows
However thorough your window maintenance, there may come a time when new windows are your best option. If your windows are very old and have suffered extensive weather damage, or have been forced in a break-in, it may not be cost-effective to keep repairing them.

Double-glazed aluminium windows are a fantastic window replacement option for any domestic or commercial property. With excellent energy efficiency and superior security, they could save you money on energy bills, as well as requiring less window maintenance than wooden frames.

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